Building Reports

This creative hub is where users bring their data to life through reports.

Interactive report creation. You can start designing your reports by selecting data flows and utilizing a variety of elements like tables, charts, text blocks, headers, and dividers to create a structured and informative report.

Customization and flexibility. The design interface offers significant customization, allowing you to arrange different components to match their reporting needs.

User-friendly interface. The process is supported by a user-friendly interface, making it accessible even for those with minimal design experience.

Once the design is set, reports are generated by executing data flows.

Automatic generation. When a data flow is executed, the corresponding report is automatically generated, ensuring the content is always synchronized with the latest data.

Viewing and access. Generated reports can be accessed on the Job page or the Reports page, providing a centralized location for users to review and analyze their data.

Static nature of reports. The reports are presented in a non-editable format to maintain data integrity, with any necessary edits being made by the report designer.

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