Running Reports

How Reports are Generated

Automatic report generation. When you run a data flow, the corresponding report is automatically generated. This ensures that every report reflects the most current state of the data flow it's associated with.

Viewing reports. Generated reports can be viewed on the Job page or the Reports page. This allows easy access and review of the reports generated from executed data flows.

Content of Reports

Data representation. Reports display information directly from the real source or output nodes of the data flow. This means the data you see in the report is the most current and comprehensive view of your entire dataset.

Charts in reports. Charts included in the reports reflect the results over the whole dataset. They provide a visual representation of the data, making it easier to understand trends, patterns, and insights.

Characteristics of Reports

Non-editable format. Once generated, reports are in a non-editable format. This ensures the integrity and consistency of the data presented in the reports.

Report designer for edits. If changes are required, you should return to the report designer to make edits. You can adjust the layout, content, and data visualizations to update the report.

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