Reports Page


The Reports Page is a repository for all reports within the platform. Here, you can preview reports, open them on full screen, and re-run (update) them.

Adding new reports

Reports appear on the Reports page when they are created inside data flows. Once you switch in a data flow from designer to a flow and create a first element a new report is created and appears on Report page in "Draft" status. To activate the report, you need to run the data flow, and the job should be successfully finished at least once time. Then, you will see your report in "Active" status on the Report page.

Reports list

The list consists of columns providing the following information for each report:

  • Report name

  • Updated date

  • Last run date

  • Status: "Draft" or "Active"

From the context menu, you can (three dots icon):

  • Open in report

  • Edit. Go to the report designer.

  • Rename

  • Export as PDF

  • Export as HTML

  • Go to flow. Open flow designer.

  • Delete report.

Report Preview

Clicking on a row corresponding to a report triggers a preview that will appear in the lower section of the screen. This preview allows you to inspect a report's contents without navigating to a different page.

Open Report

To open the report on full screen, select "Open" from the context menu or click on the "Open" icon from the preview mode.

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