Creates Objects or Arrays in JSON format from the specified columns


The To JSON Node provides a powerful way to combine multiple columns into a single column with structured data, such as arrays or objects. This is especially useful when dealing with hierarchical or relational data and wanting to keep related values bundled together.


Combine values from

Select one or multiple columns that you want to combine into JSON.


Choose a type of JSON to combine all columns into: an array or object.

Object. When an object type is selected, the column name is used as a key name, and column values as values.

  "Gender": "M",
  "Country": "USA",
  "BirthYear": 1980

Array. If you select array type information about column names will be lost.

["USA", "M", 1980]

Column name

Enter a name for the new column or select the column you want to overwrite. If you want to overwrite values in an existing column, enable toggle Overwrite and select the required column.

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