Using Groups

Adding Groups

You can select multiple nodes, see instructions, then press G, use the context menu, or select an action Group Nodes from the right panel. A new group will be created.

Collapse the group by clicking on the arrow icon in the header. Open back by clicking on arrows over the left upper group corner.

Editing and Removing Groups


In the right panel, select the Transform tab to rename the group and see how many nodes it contains.

Add new nodes.

Drag the node over the group, the group canvas highlighted in blue, then drop the node, and it will be added to the group.


Select "Ungroup" in the context menu. Use it to remove grouping without removing nodes inside.

Duplicate group.

Select "Duplicate" in the context menu. The group will be duplicated with all the nodes inside.

Remove group.

Warning! group will be deleted within all the nodes inside it. Select "Delete" from the context menu.

Change the background color.

Click on the grey circle over the group header and select a new color from the palette.

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