Managing Flows

Numerous actions are at your disposal for effective flow management. We'll delve into each of them below:

  1. Changing your flow's name

  2. Removing your flow

  3. Creating a duplicate of your flow

  4. Export flow

  5. Import flow

Renaming your flow

To change the name of a Flow, you have a couple of options:

  1. Click on the current name of your Flow, and you'll be able to edit it directly.

  2. Navigate to your Flows page, open the context menu for the specific Flow, choose the "Rename" option, and then type the new name into the "Flow Name" field.

Deleting your flow

You have two methods to remove a flow: You can either delete it while in the flow designer, accessible through the navigation bar menu, or from your Flows page by utilizing the context menu.

Duplicating your flow

You have two options for making a copy of an entire flow: You can do it either from inside the flow designer through the navigation bar menu or from your Flows page via the context menu. This action will result in a duplicate of your flow, preserving its current location.

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