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With Tomat you can open and explore large CSV files.
Tomat UI


Open CSV files with a few clicks

Drag and drop your csv or xls file
No need to upload large CSVs to the Cloud, no ZIPs, no timeless loaders. Just open Tomat app, select your local files and start exploring them with point-and-click UI.

Filter, sort and group with ease

Find what you need quickly
Become a data pro! Explore your sheets without writing any code or formulas! Use advanced filters, sort rows and group by categories easily with our intuitive and powerful visual interface.

Quickly merge CSV files

Merge or combine two tables with our intuitive interface
Easily combine your CSVs into a single file. Stack your tables even columns order is a mess, Tomat will do the work for you. Or add columns from one table to another without formulas!

Keep your data safe and private

Your data is protected
Tomat works without hitting cloud. Your files never leave your laptop. You are in a safe place and you are the sole owner of your sensitive data.

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User Guides

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.
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