Exploring Datasets


The Data Explorer Page is a dedicated page for manipulating a single dataset. It offers tools housed in a toolbar for dataset manipulation and customization, including grouping, filtering, sorting, and more capabilities. Additionally, it provides a Stats Panel for detailed statistics by columns. This documentation covers the features and usage of the Data Explorer Page.

By default, the page displays a sample of 10,000 rows. You can change the sample size and select the sample type, either 'Use the first rows' or 'Use a random set of rows.' Click the "setting" icon next to the dataset name to call a popup with the settings.

Toolbar Options

The toolbar at the top of the Data Explorer Page comprises various options for data manipulation:

Group by. Allows you to group rows based on selected columns.

Filter. It provides the capability to apply conditional filters to the dataset.

Sort. Facilitates ordering of rows based on selected column criteria.

Hide. Enables hiding of selected columns from the view.

Data Bars. Offers a graphical representation of data for easy comparison.

Convert to Flow Button

The 'Convert to Flow' button lets you convert the current dataset view into a flow within the Flow Page. It also applies all current filters as transformation steps automatically.

Save As Button

Use the 'Save as' button to apply current filters to the entire dataset and save it as a CSV file. It can take a while as filters are applied to the whole dataset, depending on the dataset size and your computer engine.

Stats Panel

On the right-hand side of the page, a Stats Panel is available, offering column-wise statistics such as mean, median, standard deviation, etc. See detailed documentation on how to use column statistics.

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