Data Catalog


The Data Catalog Page is a repository for datasets within the platform. It lists datasets along with pertinent metadata for each item. The page facilitates dataset management tasks, including previewing, quick navigation between datasets, and transitioning to the Explorer Page for detailed data analysis.

Adding a new dataset

Add a new dataset to the list with the "+ Add dataset" button. Once you select a file, you will see a preview of 100 first rows and settings similar to those in Source Node. If you are good with the dataset preview, click "Add to catalog," the file will be opened on a full-screen in Explorer mode. You can then return to the Catalog page.

Dataset list

The list consists of columns providing the following information for each dataset:

  • Dataset name

  • Location. The path to the original file.

  • Type. File format.

  • Added. The date on which the dataset was added to the catalog.

From the context menu, you can (three dots icon):

  • Open in data set on the Explorer Page

  • Go to file navigates you to the local file location on your laptop

  • Remove the file from the catalog (the original file won't be removed).

Dataset Preview

Clicking on a row corresponding to a dataset triggers a preview that will appear in the lower section of the screen. This preview allows you to inspect a dataset's contents without navigating to a different page.

Quick Navigation

The Data Catalog Page is configured to allow rapid navigation between dataset previews. This is implemented to assist in tasks that require the comparison of datasets or locating specific data entries.

Explorer Mode

An option is available to open datasets in Explorer Mode for in-depth data analysis. Explorer Mode provides a more expansive set of tools for data manipulation and examination.

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