Filters rows based on the specified condition


The Filter Node allows you to filter your dataset based on specific conditions or custom formulas.


Find rows where

The "Find Rows Where" property allows you to define the conditions for filtering rows in your dataset. There are two options for creating conditions:

1. Predefined Operators

Using predefined operators, you can easily set up conditions based on column values and comparison operators. Follow these steps to create a condition:

  1. Select the column you want to use as a basis for the condition.

  2. Choose a comparison operator (e.g., equal, contains, more, etc.) depending on the column's data type.

  3. Enter a value to compare with the selected column's values.

To add more conditions, click the "Add Condition" button. You can combine multiple conditions using the following logical operators:

  • And: Both conditions must be true for a row to pass the filter.

  • Or: At least one of the conditions must be true for a row to pass the filter.

You can also add a new group of conditions. Click the "Add Condition" button and select "Add group".

2. Custom Formula

To use a custom formula, enable the "Custom Formula" toggle. With this option, you can define any condition that returns a boolean value (true or false).


The "Action" property lets you choose what to do with rows that pass the filter conditions. There are two available options:

  1. Keep Filtered: Only keep rows that meet the filter conditions in the dataset.

  2. Remove Filtered: Remove rows that meet the filter conditions from the dataset.

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