Designing Reports


In Tomat, designing reports is a seamless and intuitive process, closely integrated with data flows. Reports in Tomat are directly linked to data flows on a one-to-one basis, providing a dynamic way to visualize and present the results of your data manipulations.

Creating a New Report.

  1. Starting from a data flow. To design a new report, open the data flow you wish to visualize.

  2. Switch to the report tab. Within the data flow interface, switch to the 'Report' tab to start designing your report.

Adding Blocks to Your Report

Source and output nodes (Tables). Incorporate tables from your data flow into the report. These can be either source nodes or output nodes, depending on what part of the data you wish to display.

Chart nodes. Add chart nodes to represent data insights visually. These charts are directly linked to the data within your flow for accurate and dynamic data visualization.

Adding blocks. Blocks can be added either through the context menu in the flow or by selecting them on the report page.

Customizing the Report Page

Moving Blocks. Users can rearrange blocks on the report page, allowing for a customized layout that best fits the report's narrative.

Adding New Blocks. Enhance your report with various block types:

  • Table blocks. Add tables that represent either source or output nodes from your data flow.

  • Chart blocks. Incorporate charts for graphical data representation.

  • Metric block. Add source or output tables as a source of metrics. Metric always shows only one value - the first row from the first column. The name of the metric is the column name.

  • Header blocks. Use headers for titles and section breaks, providing structure to your report.

  • Text blocks. Include free text for annotations, descriptions, or analysis.

  • Divider blocks. Use dividers to separate different sections of the report for better readability visually.

Navigation Panel. On the left side, a navigation panel similar to Google Slides is available. This feature lets you quickly navigate and moving different blocks, enhancing the ease of report editing and review.

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