Working with Canvas

Basics of Canvas

Add and Edit Nodes

Select a node on a toolbar and click on it; the node will be added to the flow and automatically connect to the selected node on canvas.

Click the right mouse button to open the context menu, where you can:

  • rename the node

  • disconnect the node from the previous one in the flow

  • duplicate

  • delete

Connect Nodes

If no nodes were previously selected on the canvas and a new node was added, you will see a blue frame around the canvas and sign "Select input node." You need to select a node to connect to and click on it; a new node will be connected to the selected one.

You can disconnect the node via the context menu.

Multi-node selection

You can select multiple nodes, see instructions, and then:

  • drag-and-drop selected nodes on the canvas

  • delete all selected nodes via the context menu

  • group nodes, see instruction

  • add the union transform to merge selected datasets

Canvas Controls

Multi-nodes selection

  • Mouse: Shift + Left button - hold and drag

  • Trackpad: Shift + Imitation of the left button - hold and drag

Zoom in and out

  • Mouse: Hold down ⌘ Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in or down to zoom out.

  • Trackpad: Pinch two fingers together to zoom out or stretch two fingers apart to zoom in

  • Hotkeys:

    • Zoom in: Shift +

    • Zoom out: Shift -

    • Zoom to fit: Shift 1

Canvas Menu


Use the centralize button on the lower right corner of the canvas to reset zoom and canvas position.


Hover over the centralize button and wait till the menu is opened; select a minimap to see the whole flow at a glance.

Text Note

Hover over the centralize button and wait until the menu opens; select a note. You can change a note's color text and move it around the canvas.

Open the context menu on the right mouse button to remove or duplicate the note.

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