Match Text

Adds a new column with a value based on the specified condition


The Matches Node allows you to search for and count the number of matches of a specific text or pattern within a selected column in your dataset.


Count matches into

In the "Count Matches Into" property, select a column you want to search for the specified text or pattern. The selected column should contain text data that can be processed using the specified text or pattern.


Specify the text or regex pattern to find using the "Find" property. You can choose between a text string or a regular expression (regex) pattern:

  1. Text string: Enter a simple text string that will be used to find the text within the column values.

  2. Regex pattern: Enter a regular expression pattern that will be used to find the text within the column values. Find out how to use Regex Using Regex and the list of supported tokens Regex: List of Tokes

Column name

Enter a name for the new column in the "Column Name" property. This column will store the count of matches found in the selected column.

Ignore case

Enable the "Ignore Case" toggle if you want the search process to be case-insensitive. When this option is enabled, the Matches Node will not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase characters when finding the text.

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