Exploring Data

The Data Catalog is the starting point of your data exploration journey in Tomat. It's where data becomes accessible and manageable.

Centralized data access. You begin by accessing a centralized repository of all your datasets, ensuring a smooth start to the data exploration process.

Adding and organizing data. The ability to add new datasets and organize existing ones empowers you to maintain a dynamic and up-to-date data environment.

Initial data overview. This stage provides a preliminary understanding of the available data, allowing deeper exploration.

Once on the Exploring Dataset page, you embark on a deeper exploration of their data. This is where detailed interaction with the data occurs.

Interactive data manipulation. Tools for filtering, grouping, and sorting allow you to interact with data hands-on, tailoring the dataset to their specific needs.

The Statistics Panel is a dedicated space on the right side of the interface that presents a statistical summary of each column in a dataset.

Statistical summaries for insight. By offering key statistical measures for each column, users can quickly gauge the nature and distribution of their data.

Real-time statistical feedback. As data is manipulated, the panel updates, providing immediate feedback on how changes impact the data's statistical properties.

Data-driven decision making. This continuous stream of statistical information aids users in making data-driven decisions based on solid statistical foundations.

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