New Empty Table

Adds empty table to the flow, you can manually add and edit data.


The Empty Table Node offers a straightforward way to manually input data directly into your workflow. An empty table interface appears when you add this node onto your canvas, allowing you to type in your data or paste it from your clipboard. This feature is particularly useful for incorporating ad-hoc data, running quick tests, or supplementing existing data sets.


You have two options for creating a table.

Create manually

Adding and removing rows and columns

To add and remove rows:

  • Use the Rows fields in the right panel to specify the desired number of rows.

  • Use the + icon after the last row in the table to add a new row.

  • Press "Enter" after editing any cell in the last existing row to add a new row.

  • Select "Insert row above" or below options in the context menu (right-click over a row number)

  • Select "Duplicate row" in the context menu

  • Select "Delete" in the context menu to remove the row.

To add and remove columns:

  • Use the Columns fields in the right panel to specify the desired number of columns.

  • Use the "+ Add" and "X" buttons near the column list in the right panel to add or remove a new column, respectively.

  • Use the + icon after the last column header in the table to add a new column.

  • Select Insert left or right options in the context menu (right-click a column header)

  • Select "Delete" in the context menu to remove the column.

Rename and set type for columns.

Now we support a restricted number of types: String, Integer, Decimal, Boolean, Date, DateTime, Time.

  • Use the right panel to set names and types

  • Double-click on the column name in the table header to rename the in-place

  • Click on the data type icon in the column header to change the type

Editing cells

Use arrows to navigate between cells.

Fill with values depending on column type:

String -> fill cells with free text; no quotes are needed.

Decimal -> use a period (.) as a decimal part separator

Boolean -> use values true or false

DateTime -> use format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss (ex. 2023-04-25 13:54:21)

Date -> use format yyyy-MM-dd (ex. 2023-04-25)

Time -> use format HH:mm:ss (ex. 13:54:21)

You can copy an existing table from Excel or CSV (using hotkeys Ctr+C or Cmd+C, depending on your operating system) and paste it directly into the table in the app by putting the focus in the first field and pressing Ctrl+V or Cmd+V.

Ask AI

Set a prompt, and AI will automatically generate the table. The AI creativity slider sets the "freedom" for AI to generate the result, whether it should strictly match the query or allow deviations.

To get the result from AI, click on the airplane icon first, and if you are happy with the answer, hit "Create table". Hit the "Start new chat" button to start a new chat and forget the previous context.

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