Columns Edit

Renames, deletes and moves columns


The Columns Node allows you to manage your dataset's columns by renaming, removing, and changing the order of columns using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


The Property Grid visually represents each column in your dataset as a plate displaying the column's name and data type. You can interact with these plates to perform the following actions:

Change Column Order

To change the order of the columns, click and drag the desired column plate to a new position in the Property Grid. The column will be moved to the new location when you release the mouse button.

Rename Column

To rename a column, click the pencil icon on the column plate or double-click the column name. This will make the column name editable. Type in the new column name, press Enter or click outside the input box to confirm the change.

Remove Column

Click the Trash icon on the column plate to remove a column from the dataset.

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