AI Column

Adds a new column based on GPT prompt


By adding this node to your canvas, you can simply input a natural language prompt to automatically generate a new column. Whether you're looking to enrich existing data, extract specific information, or format values, the AI Column Node acts as a 'black box' that simplifies these processes into a single, user-friendly step.

Please note that you have a limited number of GPT calls. Don’t use this node with large datasets, as you can reach the limits very quickly. The node is in trial mode and operates only in design mode.


Write your prompt in natural language to add a new column based on your request. You should mention at least one of the existing columns (use @ symbol), based on which AI will return new values.

AI knows data in the mentioned columns, their names, and types.

Use our prompt library for ideas, don't forget to replace 'Column' with your column name.

Button "One row"

You can fill a new column row by row here. We recommend always using this option first to be sure you get the expected result.

Button "All rows"

If you are comfortable with one-by-one calling, you can fill all rows simultaneously. It will not refill rows already containing the result.

Button "Remove answers"

If you get some errors in the answer or want to change the request - use this button to remove results for all rows.

AI will return a name for a new column based on the context of the query. You are free to change it later.

An alternative way to get the result for a specific row is to find a newly created column in the table preview and click the "Generate row" link.

What to ask

  • Any manipulation with data in the column(s): extract, enrich, replace, translate, format, etc.

  • AI Column doesn’t work without a column mentioning.

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